Gratitude for my Family Triggers

In 19 hours I’ll be taking off into the sky, headed East to visit my wonderful, amazing, trigger-igniting family. Yup. That’s right. Both things can be true. I love my family. I think every single person in it is extraordinary.

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Hiding Places

During yoga this morning, my radiating guide, Natasha conducted a “slow” class. Long-held poses, movement into them at caterpillar speed. And in this I was reminded of how much more challenging moving slowly than fast can be. We oftentimes get

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My first padded bra

I blame my first padded bra. It was the beginning of too many years spent feeling dis-empowered, pouring relentless energy into hiding my perceived inadequacies in a failed effort to feel secure and loved. I learned at 12 years young

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Whatever SHAKES you, SHAPES you

It’s all happening on purpose. Wherever you are… right now, is exactly where you need to be. Sometimes we forget that. Because sometimes, the right now, as is, is a tough pill to swallow. Sometimes we want to be somewhere

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My Truthspeaking Tour

The letter began just like any other letter I’d written to her… Dear Mom. And then instead of general niceties and smalk talk, I proceeded to share what growing up as her daughter was like… for good and for challenging.

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